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Seasonal Pilates Workshop with Sandie Keane

Seasonal Pilates Workshop with Sandie Keane

Seasonal Pilates Workshop with Sandie Keane

What is Seasonal Pilates?

Seasonal Pilates restores balance within the body’s mechanics, using a prescription
of exercises that target muscle groups associated with each season.

So howis this different to a generic class?

Lets take Spring – In a seasonal Pilates class during the season of spring
the muscular focus is on the Pectoralis Major – Rhomboids – Anterior Deltoid
and the Popliteus. In Oriental Medicine research has proven that there is a
relationship between our muscles and our major organs and that all of our emotions
are housed within these organs and therefore within the related muscle groups….The
organ relationship for the muscles in Spring are the Gallbladder and Liver.
Seasonal pilates recognises both the muscular need in spring as well as the
organ energy need and we do this by stretching and strengthening the muscles
and energy pathways of the season…..
We can all associate the emotion of happiness with our heart and anxiousness
with our bladder so it makes sense that if a muscle is weakened by trauma or
bad posture then the related organ will also be affected…and this will cause
a psychological change within the body as well as a physical one.

Here are the 5 Seasons and 5 Elements throughout the year


Todays class is based on Spring.

So the exercises focus on the muscles mentioned above and the energy pathways
of the Gallbladder and the Liver

Seasonal Pilates can alter the state of your mind as well as the state of your
body…..for further information on Seasonal Pilates Workshops, please pick
up a Seasonal Workshop card from the Modern Pilates desk or contact me on the
seasonal pilates address below.

Sandie is Director of therapiauk ltd :

co-founder of Seasonal Pilates,

Senior Tutor For: Modern Pilates :,

K.O.R.E. Therapy :

The ChiBall Method :


  • Meridian Trace – Gallbladder – Liver
  • Foot pedals/Heel Raises/Knee Lifts
  • Double Arm Floats
  • Combination 1 of the above
  • Bow and Arrow/Spine Twist
  • Monkey Squat
  • Combination 2 of above
  • Standing Plies ( adding a combination of arm raises and heel raises)
  • All 4′s Cat Superman Combination
  • Shell stretch
  • Seated Spine Twist – at various levels
  • Leg Pull Front – at various levels
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Shoulder Bridge – at various levels
  • Spirals – distal to core
  • Side Bend
  • Plank
  • Lizard
  • Thread the Needle
  • Adductor Stretch
  • Standing Side bend


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